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Purpose built for a new generation of digital natives

Low income Australians aged 35 and under are at high risk of defaulting on their energy bill payments. Traditional approaches to energy consumption behaviour change programs, such as in-home visits, have had limited success. Reduce Your Juice has been purpose built to engage a new generation of digital natives.

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A unique behaviour-change program

Reduce your Juice combines gamified elements with a digital delivery approach, helping participants to learn simple ideas that can save money on their electricity bills. It reimagines traditional energy efficiency content into a fun, interactive experience that is delivered in “bite-sized” portions to suit today’s always-connected, mobile consumer.

Program results

"The program was very successful because it equipped low income renters with the tools to change their behaviour."

Mark Henley, Director QCOSS


The program has improved people’s power-saving habits by 23 percent.


On average, participants saved $220 on their electricity bills annually.


Significant positive change towards energy consumption.


Would recommend the program to friends or family members.

Positive feedback from users

Awards and recognition

Reduce Your Juice has received the following awards:

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